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Show Notes

This episode's guest is Grant Gilliam, co-founder and managing partner of Ten 31.

Ten31 is a venture capital firm that invests in leading bitcoin-native companies. In addition to that, Ten31 supports and invests in various free and open-source software projects in the Bitcoin ecosystem to help build out the infrastructure necessary for a hyperbitcoinized future.

Grant comes from a traditional private equity background and has brought a ton of high-level experience with him to this new endeavor. While Grant and the team at Ten31 recognize the enormous opportunity that investing in early-stage bitcoin-only companies represents, they're also aware of the necessity to think differently about investing when doing so in a bitcoin-denominated world.

In our opinion, it is their willingness to accelerate the flywheel while aligning deeply with the bitcoin ethos that will lead to their continued long-term success. We are looking forward to supporting the bitcoin-only ecosystem along with Ten31.

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