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Show Notes

Our guest today is Leopoldo López, a democracy activist, former political prisoner of the Maduro government, and national coordinator of the 'Voluntad Popular' political party in Venezuela.

We recently met Leopoldo at the Oslo Freedom Forum in Norway and subsequently had the chance to spend some time with him and hear the harrowing story of his life-long fight for freedom in Venezuela.

We also spoke to him about Bitcoin, the ways in which it can and does support the cause of freedom, and the critical distinctions between it and all other 'cryptocurrencies.'

In our discussions, we came to greatly admire Leopoldo's character and found his genuine curiosity, humility, and questions about Bitcoin—something which was fairly new to him—to be very endearing. As a result, we thought it would be interesting to invite him on the show, to continue our discussion, and delve further into his fascinating and inspiring story.

"If we figure out ways in which more people have access to financial freedom, that will, in turn, increase the probabilities to have a free society."

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