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Show Notes

Today's guest is Whit Gibbs, co-founder, and CEO of Compass Mining.

According to their website, "Compass is a Bitcoin-first company, on a mission to support the decentralized growth of hashrate and strengthen network security, by helping more people learn, explore and mine Bitcoin."

In the last couple of years, interest in bitcoin mining has seemingly exploded as the industry has developed and as more and more people begin to understand just how diverse its impact will be and the opportunity that it therefore represents.

Additionally, many individuals are beginning to get involved, not just because of the financial incentives but also because of a desire to contribute to the further decentralization and security of the bitcoin network.

Whit and his team have obviously struck a nerve with the market, and you really get the sense that they are developing a platform that will create many more opportunities in the not-so-distant future.

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